WATCH: Conservative Activist Kaitlin Bennet Attacked at Ohio University

Kaitlin Marie and her AR-10 (7.62×51mm/.308 cal NATO battle rifle) at Kent State.

Not exactly a big shocker that free speech and Second Amendment advocate Kaitlin Bennet and her coterie were verbally and physically assaulted on the grounds of Ohio University.

What is at least mildly surprising, is that the Ohio University Campus Police Department stood by and did little more than smile.

As seen in the Twitter video below, more than once did the mob throw some sort of clear liquid through a rolled-down truck window.

Even if the liquid as no more than water, that in and of itself, is still a crime according the state of Ohio. Specifically, criminal mischief.

With that aside, in this day and age of increasing Leftist violence, especially on campus, how far away are we from acid attacks?

Is it REALLY asking all that much to fully expect the Campus PD to at least question the offending students?

Apparently so.