(WATCH) Did Biden Really Fall Asleep During Hillary Clinton’s Endorsment of Him?

Biden: Cruisin’ for a snoozin’.

Poor Joe Biden. The guy spent 36 years as a US Senator, as well as eight-years as the Vice President of the United States… and that’s where it should have ended.

Nonetheless, the powers-to-be in the Democrat Party has deemed that Biden will be their party’s nominee for president later this year.

We Republicans know that feeling all too well. Since the late 1980s we’ve been force-fed dud after dud. Daddy Bush, Bob Dole, Dubya, John McCain, Mittens Romney. It sure seemed that it would never end.

Only during the last presidential election did conservatives tell the RINO power brokers to go to hell. We finally took our party back.

But sadly for them, the Jackass Party is experiencing the same. Hopefully, it’ll take as many election cycles before they smarten-up like we did.

But back to slow-roll Joe. The guy couldn’t formulate a coherent sentence to save his life; has been caught on numerous occasions not knowing which state he was in; and by my count, he was videoed at least once where he seeming forgot he was running for president.

Now we have a video of what appears (to me, anyhow) of Sleepy Joe actually falling asleep during his endorsement by twice-failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. Notice his body clock giving himself a slight jolt before he regains consciousness;