Watch Ivanka Completely Ignore CNN’s Jim Acosta, Now Accused of being ‘Rude’

“Turn your pretty head and walk away” – Joe Walsh

Yeah, I get it. Ivanka Trump is smokin’ hot. But just because she’s smoking hot and was born with the last name of Trump doesn’t necessarily equate to her being a political conservative.

To be completely honest, I’m not entirely sold that she’s really all that pro-traditional family in her political views. But that’s just me.

Nonetheless, she did a great job in making CNN’s Jim Acosta look like the jackass that he truly is.

But not until, a division of Britain’s screamingly liberal The Independent newspaper, made a point of referring to Ivanka Trump as being guilty of “rudeness” and “arrogance” aimed at CNN’s trained monkey.

By the way, many of the Trump-hating tweets cited by rely heavily on asking “why is she even there?” as if her attendance in Switzerland is somehow on the shady side. Other than her being a Senior Advisor to the POTUS, I think I’ve answered those shite questions.

Anyhow, enjoy the below video of Ivanka completely blowing off this slow-motion train wreck better known as Jim Acosta.