(WATCH) Justice Samuel Alito Angers Leftists, Yet Again: Defends Freedom of Worship

Just in case you might be a bit unfamiliar with who Justice Sam Alito is, he’s the member of the Supreme Court who about a week and a half ago ORDERED that all of Pennsylvania’s unsolicited ballots be separated from the ballots legally cast.

Justice Alito is also the one who grimaced and mouthed the words “Not true” when Barack Obama actually attacked the SCOTUS during a previous State of the Union address (video at the end of this article).

The good Justice is back in the news, this time doing his best to piss-off Lefties everywhere.

Case in point: At a speech to the conservative Federalist Society, Alito noted the absolute and total hypocrisy of the Democrat-mandated restrictions of church attendance in the state of Nevada.

As cited by the Justice, the 51st person to show up at a place of worship is turned away… but gambling and drinking is perfectly allowable.

Personally, if someone wants to gamble and/or knock back a few, I really don’t care. In the same vein, the government needs to stay the hell away from how, when, and the number of people I worship with.

Hmmm… isn’t there something in the Constitution about that?