Watch New Hampshire Voters Heckle Creepy Joe: ‘You Can’t Touch Little Children’

Sen Coons laughs at the sight of his own daughter at the hands of a drooling letch…

At the age of 29, Joe Biden started his career of drawing a government paycheck, which just so happens to continue to this very day. Of course, that 51-year streak doesn’t count his time working for the City of Wilmington, Delaware, as a lifeguard during the turbulent years of the Corn Pop Wars.

With that aside, the same guy who spent 32-years as a US Senator, then an additional eight as the VPOTUS, the most recent returns from the Iowa Caucuses place at a disappointing fourth place.

As Biden is looking for greener pastures in the Granite State, at a Biden campaign rally attended by a measly 300 supporters, at two different times was Biden heckled “You can’t touch little children.”

Reported by S. A. Miller of the Washington Times;

A pair of protesters disrupted Joseph R. Biden’s rally at a Girls Inc. center by yelling accusations that he “touches little children.”

From the crowd of about 300 people, a man called out, “You can’t touch little children.”

After security escorted him out, a second man began yelling accusations such as “you can’t touch them.”

Their remarks were described by realtor Marie Johnson, 77, who was standing nearby the men. She said joined in with the crowd shouting down the men by chanting, “We want Joe!”