(Watch) Rep. Dan Crenshaw Rips HBO’s Resident Wise-Ass Bill Maher a New One

Class and intelligence versus smarmy and ignorant…

When he isn’t killing terrorists, being a Member of Congress, or making SNL alleged comedian Pete Davidson look like the immature brat that he is in front of the entire nation, Rep. Dan Crenshaw just gave professional Delta Bravo Bill Maher a televised pimp slap to end all pimp slaps, veritable as it was.

Of course, Maher launched into a tirade against President Trump, claiming he slow rolled the federal response the coronavirus. Crenshaw’s response is what one would expect from a retired Navy SEAL.

As reported by the Daily Wire;

Republican Texas Rep. Dan Crenshaw stood his ground as comedian Bill Maher claimed that President Donald Trump had slow-rolled the nation’s response to coronavirus.

Crenshaw appeared Friday on “Real Time with Bill Maher,” and addressed everything from the federal response timeline to what House Democrats — led by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi — had been doing at the time.