(WATCH) ‘Right-Wing Militia’ Narrative Pushed by MSM a Lie; Michigan Gov Kidnapping Plot Ringleader an Anti-Trump Leftie Anarchist

Complete with stretched out ear lobes, mugshot photo by
Kent County Sheriff of Brandon Caserta.

Just 24 short hours ago, the political landscape was in meltdown over “militia members” were arrested for conspiracy (among numerous other charges) to kidnap Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer.

Of course, “militia” is liberal media code for anyone even slightly to the right-of-center. So if course, CNN, MSNBC and Fox were all wound up over white supremacists and white nationalists plotting violence against a duly elected government official.

But as the dust settled, contributor to The Federalist, and indie filmmaker Robby Starbuck actually interviewed on of the ringleaders. Specifically, Brandon Caserta.

Not only does Caserta have an Antifa flag adorning his shitty studio apartment, he is also quite vocal in his hatred of President Trump.

As seen in the videos below, Caserta is ANYTHING but a political conservative. As Starbuck noted of Caserta;

“Caserta has an anarchist flag behind him and in YouTube videos trashes police. He’s not a Republican, he’s an anarchist.”