‘We Resist You’: Catholics Resist Francis to His Face

Faithful Catholics are fed-up.

Non-Catholics and Catholics alike have been wondering aloud when Catholics are going to finally standup to Pope Francis and his patently heretical words and deeds.

It goes without saying that the vast majority of the Western press steadfasly refuses to report a peep of discontent in the pews. So it again goes without saying that the Establishment Media has completely ignored the papal rebuke published by Michael J. Matt, editor of the everything Catholic The Remnant newspaper.

Some of the more pointed questions and comments from Matt’s article/open letter entitled “CHURCH in CRISIS: World’s Catholics Resist Pope to His Face” (emphasis mine);

Your Holiness:

My name is Michael Matt. I’m a cradle Catholic, educated in Catholic schools from the first grade through university. I am also father of seven children.

I’m a Catholic newspaper publisher, and I come from a long line of Catholic newspaper publishers. My grandfather was made a Knight of St. Gregory right here in Rome by your predecessor of happy memory, Pope Pius XI.

For 150 years, my family has been in the Catholic press apostolate, defending the Church against aggressors on all sides. When the Nazis occupied Rome, my grandfather’s newspaper was placed on a blacklist and banned from being mailed into Germany by order of Adolf Hitler himself.

When I say I am a loyal Catholic, I am speaking for myself, my father, my grandfather and my great-grandfather. Catholic men of the press who devoted their lives to the defense of Catholic Tradition and the infallible teachings of your predecessors.

I come to you today with sadness in my Catholic heart, as the winds of that very modernism [the belief that tradition is always wrong and evil] condemned by your sainted predecessor and resisted by my own fathers, are today blowing through the colonnades, down the Via della Conciliazione, over the Tiber and out into the whole world.

In light of the recent “Amazon Synod” held in the Vatican where Francis accepted statues of the pagan goddess Pachamama, Matt penned;

If it has done anything, this Synod has conveyed the impression to the world that you, Holy Father, have reneged on the Church’s own teaching that she is the sole means of salvation.

Is this the message you intended to send? If not, please know that it is the message the world press received this week here at the Synod—along with the message that you may or may not believe Hell exists, that you may or may not believe Jesus Christ was God while here on earth.

In the face of such confusion, Holy Father, faithful Catholics are left with a choice between your words and those of your predecessors. Who are we to believe—you or them?

Holy Father, I beg you to explain how “listening to and learning from pagans” is not in contradiction to that Catholic Tradition your own predecessors swore to defend.

Happily, Matt was just getting warmed up;

In Amoris Laetitia you have told the world that unrepentant public adulterers may in certain circumstances return to the Sacramental life of the Church, thus placing your own teaching in direct contradiction with the infallible teaching of the Church, reiterated most recently by Pope John Paul II in Familaris consortia.

After [meeting with Muslim clerics in] Abu Dhabi, you informed the world that God wants a brotherhood of all religions. But how does this not contradict the Divine Commission of Christ Himself who ordered you to baptize all nations in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost.

When you came to my country, you stood before Congress, in the presence of some of the most powerful leaders of the world, and you said not one word about Jesus Christ. I don’t believe you even mentioned His name. Why not, Holy Father?

You have said that atheists can go to heaven, thus conveying the impression to the sad, distracted and distressed world that salvation is possible even outside of any belief in God at all.

You said it is not your job to judge homosexual priests, thus allowing the world to conclude that the Church has abandoned her own teachings on the sins that cry to heaven for vengeance.

You even honored a gay and supposedly “married” couple with a private audience at which the cameras recorded every moment of your implicit abandonment of the moral teachings of the Catholic Church.

And now you are partnering with globalists and population controllers, who wish to employ abortion and rigorous contraception education throughout the whole world in order to reach the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations by the year 2030.

Given all this, Holy Father, what would you do if you were in my shoes? Whose teachings would you follow: the scandalous novelties of a man named Francis, or the constant and infallible teachings of all his predecessors, back to St. Peter himself? We know what Christ Himself said about those who scandalize the little ones, that it would better for them to have millstones tied round their necks and be cast into the sea.

We pray for you, Holy Father, every day. We refer to you as Holy Father, whether you like it or not—because the office you hold is holy above all others, and even you cannot make it unholy.

Yours is the seat of the Holy Father, at the See of Peter—the Holy See— and we honor this too much to allow anyone, even the Pope, to destroy it.

You have made it clear that, though you wish to listen to pagans, you have no interest in listening to your own scandalized children; to us rigid neo-palagians that used to be known as practicing Catholics. In your eyes we are rigid, fanatical and pharisaical. But, if is true, then so too were some 260 of your own predecessors rigid, fanatical and pharisaical. And this cannot be.

But we also are bound in conscience, before the dread judgment seat of God Himself, to resist you honorably to your face.

In fact, we loyal and faithful Catholics promise to put every effort now until the day we die into resisting you and your agenda of revolutionary Change to the Church we love.

We promise to teach our children, in fidelity to Catholic Tradition, to resist you to your face and to teach their children to do the same.

Holy Father we beg you, for God’s sake and that of the whole world, listen to cries of your scattered sheep and become shepherd to them once again. Become Christ’s Vicar, become Peter’s successor, and become our true Holy Father.

Until that happens, we your most loyal subjects have no alternative and no choice but to resist you to the face. With God as our witness, this we will do until the day we die, or until you return to the Church of Jesus Christ.

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