Muslim village demands ‘honor killing’ – father murders daughter

Another victim of Sharia law.
Another victim of Sharia law.

“Disgraceful and outrageous acts …”

If the mother of Thamar Zeidan is to be believed, her husband’s savage murder of their daughter was perpetrated only due to the “tremendous pressure” placed on him by fellow villagers to restore family honor, as reported on Dec. 19, 2013 by both The National Post (of Ottawa, Canada) and The Jewish Journal (of Los Angeles, CA).

Accused of “disgraceful and outrageous acts” over fifty extended family members in the dusty and drab little hamlet of Deir Al Ghusun signed a petition that was posted in at least five mosques that Thamar’s father, Munther, execute his own child.

Herself divorced four years ago, Thamer had to surrender custody of her 3 children to her ex-husband in order for her Islamic law marriage be finalized.

Since living with her parents, Thamer became romantically linked with Iyad Na’lweh, a married laborer who worked in Israel, and had a wife and children residing in Jordan.

Thamer Zeidan, killed at her father's hand.
Thamer Zeidan, killed at her father’s hand.

Na’Iweh “promised her that if she became his second wife (legal in Islamic law) he would help her get her children back.”Late last summer, Na’lweh was seen outside Zeidan’s house one evening.

That’s when the rumors against both Thamer and her possible second husband were ginned up, reportedly by her ex-in-laws still stinging over her divorce from their son.

Besides accusing the deceased of “disgraceful and outrageous acts,” the petition went on to demand of  Munther that he “reinstate the cultural and religious morals in his family.”

In other words, he had to kill his daughter.

As if the ex’s family coming down on her wasn’t bad enough, she also expressed her desire to re-marry to her family only to find them nixing her plans on their belief he had a strictly verboten problem with alcohol.

As reported, “It is not clear if they had a physical relationship, although the autopsy showed no recent sexual relations.”

Nonetheless, according to Thamer’s sister, Suad Mohammed, their father killed the pretty 32-year-old by placing “one hand on her mouth and he choked her with the other hand.”

Thamer and Suad’s mother defended her husband’s Sharia-compliant killing:

My husband is a peaceful man and this is completely out of character, but the pressure was too intense.

But not all family members were of like emotional response.

Thamer’s aunt threw a celebration feast due to the family’s honor having finally been restored.

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  1. That is very diverse behavior so the well-indoctrinated politically correct mob within the USA should be clamoring for mega-millions of immigrants from that culture be brought into the USA forthwith.

    1. And in the words of Curly Howard, “and fifthwith, too.”

      With his point hammered home with some well placed Nyuck, Nyuck, Nyucks.

  2. There is no honor , but there is dishonor in the taking of life. Your family name is now dishonored and an injustice has been perpetrated by the head of the family that is supposed to protect his family. You have nothing but shame on the family name and blood on your hands by killing your own daughter. It is barbaric, and an unjust act. The shame and disgust will be your undoing in Paradise. It is an act of the Devil. Satan is the only king you honor with killing an innocent.

  3. Muslim men consider their manhood to be dependent on their dominance of women in their family. They don’t care about the honor of their women, just their own honor.
    They highly value the opinion of other men. When a woman does something her father, brother, husband does not like, this apparently disgraces a man in the eyes of other men, and he has to reestablish dominance by killing the female offender.
    It is a weird culture which destroys the sexuality of their women in childhood, and then turn for sexual release to un-mutilated little girls, and young boys, whom they dress as women. These Muslim men are sexually frustrated, which may help to explain their violent blood lust.

  4. God said thou shall not kill these family can’t believe in god any one that kill another he is condemned to hell

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