What Every Conservative Needs to Know: Why Trump Should NOT Surrender His Tax Returns to the Democrats

Yet again, the Democrats are screaming for President Trump to release his tax returns.

There’s only one problem with their hissy fit; there simply is no law requiring any president or presidential candidate to release their tax returns.

In fact, both presidents and presidential candidates releasing such is not only a fairly new phenomenon, but since initiated by President Richard Nixon, the practice hasn’t always been seamless, but actually skipped and sputtered along.

With the precedential timeline aside, The Daily Caller is reporting on Rep. John Lewis uber-tantrum to invade the privacy of President Trump;

House Democrats pushed legislation during a hearing Thursday that would require presidents and presidential candidates to release tax returns in order to get President Donald Trump’s tax returns.

“We have been called, we have been chosen to lead at this time in our history …” Democratic Georgia Rep. John Lewis said in opening remarks at the hearing. “We will review whether a president, vice president or any candidate for these offices should be required by law to make their tax returns available to the public. In other words, we will ask the question: Does the public need to know that a person holding the highest office in our country obeys the tax laws?”

Lewis is the chair of the oversight subcommittee of the House Ways and Means Committee, which held the hearing — its first on the subject of presidential tax returns.

However, CNN (that’s right… CNN) reports the following;

The IRS manual makes it clear: Individual income tax returns for the president and vice president “are subject to mandatory examinations.”

There’s no law that requires Trump to disclose the returns, since the papers are considered private information. But there’s also no law that says he can’t release them.

As previously discussed, it has not been set in precedent for every and all US president or presidential candidates to proffer-up their tax returns. Again, as previously discussed, this act is also a somewhat new practice, and also complete with hiccups of its own.

As noted by TaxHistory.org;

Jimmy Carter did not release a return for 1980 nor did Ronald Reagan release one for 1988.

Yet as far as the state of the finances of presidential candidates is concerned, there is enshrined in statue the filing if Personal Financial Disclosure (PFD) statements that must be filed. It is the opinion of more than a few financial and tax experts that the PFDs actually are more in-depth than standard tax returns.

For the PFD profile of President Trump, click here. For the 104 page (small print) 2016 Presidential File for President Trump, click here.

With all that said and done, since when do presidents and presidential candidates be forced under pain of conviction, to surrender their constitutional right to privacy under the First Amendment?

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  1. The income tax returns would just be another way the Looney Liberal Democrats could nit pick Trumps records for years. If the IRS is satisfied with Trumps tax returns, Democrat Lewis will not get them. That is just another way to gain power over POTUS!

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