What Every Conservative Should Know: Why ONLY a Coast-to-Coast Wall Will Work

We need a longer ladder.

As everyone already knows, congressional horse-trading is about to collapse, and President Trump is on the verge of declaring the situation on the souther border a national security, criminal enterprise, and humanitarian national emergency.

While huge gaps still exist in all four border states, those on the political left adhere to the patently stupid notion that a series of cameras and drones will keep illegal aliens out. Supposedly, a physical wall makes no sense in areas of nothing but miles and miles of desert wastelands.

Unless those cameras come equipped with .50 caliber machine guns, and the drones happened to be armed with Hellfire missiles, they aren’t going to keep anyone out.

I realize that a wall built down the side of a sheer cliff makes no sense, but that never slowed down the left from describing what President Trump has been calling for.

While the same loony left still scream that a fixed, permanent, and unclimbable structure that will also be an impediment to vehicular traffic is simply unneeded, well… I wonder if any of them know how to read a map.

Go ahead and check out Google Map, Bing Map, or a Triple-A map. The entire length of the US-Mexico border, from La Playa de Tijuana all the way to the delta of the Rio Grande, on the Mexican side, asphalt roads are more then plentiful.

In some cases, the black-top roads go all the way up to the US side, while at a maximum, paved roads on the Mexican side are a maximum of no more than 20 miles from the border.

For those alleged Central American “migrants” still in Tijuana, getting into the United States is pretty simple. Just walk to the east, parallel to the border, and after about 35 miles, there is no more wall or reinforced fence.

Simply turn left and keep walking.

You may come across a so-called “wall”, made with surplus Vietnam-era helicopter landing pads, but that’ll slow you down for no more than 30 seconds.

BAM! You’ve made it! You’re now in the Land of Big Government Paychecks.