When Semper Fee Meets the Corpse Man

MHP721-e1374438339235One of the few in the media with enough backbone to take on the National Broadcasting Corporation, Chuck Ross of the right-of-center The Daily Caller is dangerously close to actually committing the ultimate of broadcast heresy, according to liberals, that is — “thou shalt not cite how stupid a liberal anchor doth be.”

Ross compiled an impressive listing of everything ranging from way-over-the-top Martin Bashir’s “let’s all defecate in Sarah Palin’s mouth,” to blatant lies such as Chris Hays noting on the 50th anniversary of former Alabama governor George Wallace blocking the entrance of the University of Alabama, thusly keeping two black students from entering, stating Wallace was a Republican. Wallace was a Democrat.

A veritable Encyclopædia Stupidica, you might say.

To his credit, Ross also points out the utterly ridiculous. Case in point: Melissa Harris-Perry-Heinz-Kerry-Rodham-Clinton (or whatever her name is) sporting certain fibrous receptors for raw menstrual blood as earrings in a curious (read: weird as hell) attempt to make some sort of political and/or cultural statement.

But as a retired Tuefelhunden, I consider myself honor bound pick up when Ross left off.

With the example being set at the highest levels that as long as one looks good reading your teleprompter, you don’t really have to know what your actually talking about.

Yet again, case in point: the MSNBC star’s vain attempt to pay honor to those in the military service of the nation.

Harris-Perry made a point of specifically mentioning the United States Marine Corps and the popularly shortened version of the Marine Corps motto, Semper Fee.

Or is it Semper Fo or Semper Fum?

Yet in all fairness to Harris-Perry, at lease she didn’t attempt to pay homage to any of our gallant Navy Corpse Men.