When the Hell did Joe Biden Become a Working-Class Hero?

Face it, loony Joe Biden will be the Democrat nominee for president in the 2020 election.

The latter-day Tammany Hall, better known as the Democrat Party Machine, will properly ensure that a rick, old white guy will get the nomination, and so will the Democrat Ministry of Propaganda (MSNBC, The New York Times, CNN, etc).

But you know what really gets me? How the Democrat MoP consistently pounds the drum that he’s the only Democrat who could take Blue Collar votes away from President Trump in battleground states like Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, etc.

Working class Joe Biden? When the hell did that happen?

The media loves to point out that he was born in the steel mill town of Scranton, PA. But the same media kind of forgets that his family moved to Delaware when he was ten, according to Debbie Lord of the Cox Media Group.

So much for the conjured-up image of daddy sweating his ‘nads off working at an imagined steel factory.

Botox, anyone?

While I’m at it, when exactly did Joe Biden ever work a job where he signed the front of a check instead of the back?

Damn near 50 years ago, that’s when.

As noted in an article on Biography.com, “After graduating from law school in 1968, Biden moved to Wilmington, Delaware, to begin practicing at a law firm. He also became an active member of the Democratic Party, and in 1970 he was elected to the New Castle County Council. While serving as councilman, in 1971, Biden started his own law firm.”

In other words, he was a part-time lawyer, part-time councilman. Obviously, the latter was on the taxpayers dime.

Also noted by Biography.com, Biden took the unheard of leap in 1972 from county councilman to US Senator.

As the world knows, Crazy Uncle Joe went from the Senate to the Vice Presidency. Personally, I think he was chosen as the court jester mainly to keep Obama from looking the fool. But that’s another story.

So how much is Blue Collar Joe worth?

Money.com cites Biden’s nearly half-century of being supported by the taxpayers, he’s pulling in nearly a quarter of a million dollars per year as a Civil Service retiree. $248,670 to be exact.

Also noted by NetWorthPost.org, Biden’s worth a cool $1.2 million.

For whatever odd reason, no one seems to add the value of Biden’s homes (plural) to his net worth.

So what are his homes worth? According to the everything real estate website Zillow.com, Biden owns at least one home, 1209 Barley Mill Rd in Wilmington, DE, but is rather bare bones on specifics.

However, a second, more up to date Zillow posting gives an awful lot more of the details on Biden’s digs;

  • 3 beds
  • 4.5 baths
  • 6,850 sqft
  • Estimated value: $1,888,785

True to his working class roots (insert sarcasm here), the Bidens have purchased a second home in Delaware’s swanky Rehoboth Beach. According to a Fox News report from the summer of 2017, “Property records do not yet show how much the home sold for, but it was most recently listed for around $3 million. The property last sold in 2007 for $3.258 million, according to property records.”

The Biden home in Wilmington (L), and their vacation home in Rehoboth Beach (R).

How many working stiffs do you know that own nearly $5 million worth of real estate, or pull in a sweet quarter mil in retirement?

Funny, neither do I.