While America debates, Islamic Jihaddists continue the killings


With the first Republican Party debate dominating the American headlines, little ink has been spilled regarding the continual bestial slaughter taking place in length and breadth of the Muslim World in the name of Islamic Jihad. As reported by the Reuters UK news service on Aug. 7, 2015, al-Qaida allied Jihaddists in the northwest African nation of Mali launched an attack on a hotel used asĀ  United Nations base of operations, killing five and taking three Russian pilots hostage.

Meanwhile at the eastern end of the media-dubbed Islamic Street, yet another secularist blogger in the heavily-Muslim populated south Asian nation of Bangladesh has been found literally hacked to death by one of the many Jihaddi hit-squads as reported by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) also on Aug. 7, 2015. To add to the 24-hour body count, The Times of India and NewsBeat Social (video) report also on Aug. 7, 2015, that the ISIS terrorist organization has executed 19 of the estimated thousands of women, girls and boys they hold in sexual slavery in the region of Syria they currently occupy.

As noted by Reuters, Islamists attacked the de facto UN compound in the town of Sevare, killing four Malian soldiers and presumably one UN official. Reported, “The body of a white male victim was visible in front of the hotel.” Two terrorists died, but one of them by his own hand as he was wrapped in explosives using himself as a human bomb. Possibly providing more unanswered questions than provided answers, “Malian military officials also said three Russian pilots were believed to have been kidnapped during the attack, though the Russian embassy in Mali, speaking to the TASS press agency, denied this.”

The bloodshed is also showing no sign of ending anytime soon as a fourth secularist blogger in Bangladesh has been found hacked to death by machetes in his own home. Raising the ire of one of the many self-proclaimed defenders of Islam in the small nation, Niloy Neel was the fourth secularist blogger to have been killed this year by Jihaddis.

Imran H Sarkar, head of the Bangladesh Blogger and Activist Network, told the BBC that Mr. Neel had been an anti-extremist voice of reason. “He was the voice against fundamentalism and extremism and was even a voice for minority rights – especially women’s rights and the rights of indigenous people,” he said. The BBC also cited in its report, “All four men killed were on a list of 84 ‘atheist bloggers’ drawn up by Islamic groups in 2013 and widely circulated. It was originally submitted to the government with the aim of having the bloggers arrested and tried for blasphemy. The groups which wanted bloggers arrested told us they have no knowledge of who is behind the killings.”

Arguably more horrific and senseless would be the 19 women put to death by ISIS terrorists in Syria. While the terrorist organization has made it no secret they would happily butcher anyone who stands in the way of their stated mission of establishing a global Islamic caliphate, they’ve also made no secret they’ll happily fill their coffers with the profit made from selling captive women, girls and boys into sexual slavery.

As Molly Riehl of NewsBeat Social (see video) stated in her report, ISIS slave auctions usually see boys and girls from the ages of 1-9 drawing the highest bids to satisfy the sexual desires of their fellow Jihadists. The Times of India also noted that Zainab Bangura, the UN’s Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Sexual Violence in Conflict, stated that the captives are “peddled like barrels of petrol”, and are “sometimes bought so they can be sold to their families for thousands of dollars in ransom money.”