White House: Stephen Miller’s Third Grade Sins

No, I don’t mean that whatever sins that may be on Stephen Miller’s soul are low-grade offenses against The Almighty, like maybe mumbling unkind words towards a rude motorist who cut him off on DC’s notorious beltway.

Miller’s transgressions are those he allegedly committed while in third grade. You know, like when he was eight-years-old.

As it turns out, Miller’s third grade teacher, Nikki Fiske, decided to give The Hollywood Reporter her insider tell-all on President Trump’s senior policy advisor.

President Trump’s senior political Stephen Miller.

In case you’re unsure where to procure a copy of The Hollywood Reporter in your local supermarket, it’s usually right next to the National Inquirer.

But back to Miss Fiske, she recounted the days when she was little Stephen Miller’s teacher at Santa Monica (California) Franklin Elementary School back in 1993.

As reported by the Associated Press (vis NBC News), “when the Trump aide was a student in her classroom, he was a loner with a messy desk who played with glue.”

Shocking, ain’t it?

Union members at their May Day march.

What to know something even more shocking? The 72-year-old Southern California school teacher is also a (GASP!) registered Democrat [sarcasm off].

Sadly, the AP contradicts themselves when they reported that Fiske has been “suspended” of her teaching duties.

However, later in the article it’s noted that “the Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District placed Fiske on ‘home assignment’ while it decides what to do — if anything — about the disclosures. The district says it’s concerned about the public release of student information.”

To further muddy the water, KCAL-TV (CBS affiliate in Los Angeles) cites on a video report (below) that Fiske is actually on paid leave.

KCAL is also citing that in a Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District email sent out to the parents of students currently attending Franklin Elementary, “She has not been suspended, contrary to media reports.”

Long story short… it’s OK to talk smack about a minor child, the teachers union (in this case, Santa Monica-Malibu Classroom Teachers Association) will make sure you still get paid. After all, teachers unions don’t watch out for what’s best for the students, they watch out what’s best for their union members.