White on Melania is racist, but white on Clinton is presidential

Melania and Hillary are the same... but somehow different.
Melania and Hillary are the same… but somehow different.

Much like the anti-Hillary protests outside the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, very few Americans news organizations will even mention the rank hypocrisy of the Philadelphia Inquirer. Specifically, of what their alleged fashion reporter has been penning regarding haute couture, politics, and the 2016 presidential election.

A minor media sensation was raised the very day after Melania Trump’s RNC speech, rated by many a pundit as definitely a home run. But according to the Inquirer’s supposed “fashion reporter” Elizabeth Wellington, Mrs. Trump’s white dress is “a not-so-subliminal billboard” of what she deems as a “Trumpian” vision of America.

With Wellington somehow getting the thumbs-up from the editors to delve into writing about politics, Wellington was quite clear when she opined:

Trump’s foreignness stands in stark contrast to her husband’s sloganeering to “Make America Safe Again” and “Make America Great Again,” which he plans to accomplish with his anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim, anti-Black Lives Matter platform. In other words, anti-all things brown, as some might say.

Elizabeth Wellington (Twitter).
Elizabeth Wellington (Twitter).

But when it came to Melania’s white dress:

To many, that outfit could be another reminder that in the GOP, white is always right.

Amazingly enough, when Hillary Clinton donned a white pantsuit for her acceptance speech, the pinch hitting politico changed her tune.

As she wrote the very next day concerning Clinton’s all-white clothing:

Hillary Rodham Clinton, the first woman nominated to vie for the position of America’s commander in chief by a major political party, looked presidential.

But wait, the fawning was far from over. Rest assured, there’s more:

But it’s rare we see her in all white. White is hue that’s both soft and strong. But it was appropriate: Her acceptance speech was a coming out of sorts. Clinton’s white pantsuit is telling us she has arrived. This is surreal. A dream come true.

For the life of me, I still can’t quite figure out why the honchos at the Philadelphia Inquirer had a fashionista doing their political reporting.

Then again, after reading the high school paper-worthy drivel their political reporters regurgitate on a daily basis, it’s fairly obvious that Wellington couldn’t do much worse.

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  1. It does not matter what Hillary wears no one remembers any wY. She should invest on a filter for the on famed close ups because the pictures are aweful Hilly.

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