Whoopie Attacks President Trump’s Grandkids, Don Jr Fires Back

While most viewers may consider ABC’s gyno-friendly panel talk show as just so much anti-conservative fluff, The View is actually a division of ABC News.

Keep that in mind when you realize that the show’s main co-hags are a washed-up actress and a never-was stand-up comic. So much for objective journalism.

With that said, co-harpie Whoopie Goldberg (born: Caryn Elaine Johnson) decided to take a rather dirty swipe at three of the nine First Grandchildren.

The Mouth of ABC News.

When Donnie, Jr stated he worried for his three sons due to the Democrat Party de facto advocating for the Sharia-like legal notion of guilty until proven innocent, it was then that Goldberg launched her personal attack on the Trump children.

As reported by Douglas Ernst of the Washington Times, Goldberg took to the airwaves claiming that in regard to the sons of Don, Jr, Goldberg “fears his sons are potential rapists” (as seen in the video below).

Obviously not one to back-away from defending his children, Donnie, Jr shot-back at Goldberg on both Instagram and Twitter to remind the world that Goldberg once vehemently defended film maker Roman Polanski, who fled the United States when he was wanted for raping a 13-year-old child.

Donnie, Jr and Vanessa Trump (now divorced) have five children; Kai Madison Trump, Donald Trump III, Spencer Frederick Trump, Tristan Milos Trump and Chloe Sophia Trump.

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  1. I just can’t understand why Whoppi is allowed on television …
    She truly has lost her mind, all the crack, drugs, & alcohol, has
    made her paranoid & dangerous….the way she treated Judge Jeanine on the view, shows how unstable she is..

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