Why Obama will deputize the US Armed Forces to fight FOR Iran’s mullahs



Barack Obama’s done a number of things that more than a few conservatives consider impeachable offenses. From the Benghazi Cover-Up, to his IRS targeting American citizens, to the Colombia Hooker Scandal where the lead investigator was ordered “to withhold and alter certain information in the report of investigation because it was potentially embarrassing to the [Obama] Administration” just to name a few, the list of crimes or misdemeanor are many.

Unfortunately, being a mere incompetent boob doesn’t meet the legal requirement for removal from office. Even more unfortunate is that utterly failed policies don’t either. Speaking of failed policies, the recently tagged Operation Inherent Resolve (or Operation Random Thesaurus, Operation Smoke & Mirrors … whatever) certainly qualifies as an unmitigated disaster.

Sadly for the Kenyan-born lady-hating interloper, it looks as if his much hoped for Coalition of the Wilting has a grand total of zero nations on board with committed ground combat troops in Iraq to take on ISIS. Well, I take that back. Upwards of 2,000 members of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards’ top troops assigned to their Quds Force are and have been in Iraq.

The political reality is that Michelle’s paper husband has no choice but to strike a deal with the Islamic Republic’s ayatollahs and mullahs that compromise their Council of Guardians. And that deal will come a price. It may never come to light, but Obama will (if he hasn’t done so already, give a thumbs up to Iran’s quest of their own nuclear weapons.

But didn’t Israel already state in no uncertain terms that under no circumstances would Iran be allowed to a nuclear arsenal? Of course they did. And between Israel’s much vaunted air force and their more than competent nuclear-armed submarine force, once Iran’s on the cusp of completing a nuclear device, who ever’s unlucky enough to be in the same grid square as that warhead will know what it’s like to be 10,000° in the shade.

So who’s the only real force that could stop the Israelis from greasing quite a few Iranian military bases and research facilities? Those hundreds of Navy, Marine Corps and Air Force jets as well as our 5th Fleet – all of them stationed right there in the Persian Gulf – that’s who.

We might as well start painting the Iranian green, white and red roundels on our fighters and have the Iranian Naval Jack flown from our ships. Admit it, we all can picture Obama ordering our boys to shoot down Israeli fighters and sink Israeli subs … all to protect Iran.