Widespread official and unofficial Shari’a bloodletting in Nigeria

While the northern states of Nigeria have been awash in blood at the hands of the ISIS-allied Boko Haram terrorist organization, many in the West may be surprised that more than a few Islamic Shari’a Law courts have been officially recognized by the government, and that the same Koran compliant courts aren’t afraid to sentence people to death. As reported by the Breitbart news portal n June 30, 2015, and also the All Africa news aggregate service on June 29, 2015, both the terrorists and civil authorities in the war-torn African nation are ensuring death for those who speak ill of Islam and/or Mohammed.

With its nom de guerre loosely translated as “Western education is forbidden” (the word boko is a holdover from the colonial English word for book), reports are leaking out of Boko Haram controlled territory that the Nigerian version of the Taliban is ordering young Muslim girls to slit the throats of Nigerian Christian men held captive. As cited by Breitbart.com, some of the many Muslim girls who have been forced to marry Boko Harem members are now armed and essentially deputized to act as either Sharia Goon Squad-like enforcers to keep the the local populace in line, or to execute Kuffars (non-Muslims) sentenced to death by the blade.

A 17-year-old girl identified only as Miriam managed to recently escape her Boko Haram kidnappers. Miriam related that the Islamic jihadists would force bound Christian male prisoners to lay on the ground and then told the girls to “cut their throats.” Another escapee, Anna, 60, said of her time as a slave woman of ISIS, “Young girls who couldn’t recite [the Koran] were being flogged” by the other girls as a means of punishment.

Meanwhile in the Boko Haram stronghold of the state of Kano in the north of the country, a Shari’a court has found eight men and one woman guilty of blasphemy against Mohammed. As reported, defendants Abdul Inyas, Hajiya Mairo (the woman), and seven others have been sentenced to death. Inyas, leader of one of the Tijjaniyya Muslim communities in Kano was initially accused of making “unguarded statements” against Mohammed during one of his sermons.

The death penalty for blasphemy meted by Shari’a courts usually consist of any of the following means of death:

  • Beheading/Throat Slashing
  • Crucifixion
  • Hanging
  • Stoning

In a statement released by the court, it was noted that “some Muslims in Kano had threatened violence if the accused were set free.” Late last month, the Nigerian Bulletin reported that thousands of enraged youths belonging to a rival Islamic denomination burned to the ground the courthouse Inyas earlier appeared in. As implied by the report, the mob was whipped into a blood lust frenzy by little more than Inyas simply showing his face in the soon-to-be destroyed court house.