Wrong Again, Joe: Yes, you CAN Buy a Perfectly Legal Flamethrower

“Now THAT’S a fire!” – Eddie Murphy

Remember just yesterday when America’s yutz, ex-Veep Joe Biden, openly stated that the average American just can’t go out and openly purchase a flamethrower?

Well, the same doofus who once famously stated that the best way to scare off a would-be rapist would be a couple of shotgun blasts aimed skyward… well, he’s wrong again.

But to get everyone up to speed, here’s what the Dem front runner recently stated, as reported by MarketWatch.com;

The former vice president said he knew of no “legal way” to compel people who already own such weapons to give them up. But he also argued against the notion that the Second Amendment affords an absolute right to any weapon. “You can’t buy a flamethrower,” he said.

Actually, Mr. Biden… yes you can.

As reported by CNN back in early 2018;

Well, that was fast. Elon Musk claims to have sold out of flamethrowers in just four days.

The Tesla (TSLA) founder said on Twitter that he would stop taking orders for the $500 devices after selling 20,000. The goal was to raise $10 million for his tunneling business, The Boring Company.

The Boring Company, founded in 2016, has plans to create a network of underground tunnels to ease traffic congestion.

Musk, who is known for provocative antics, first mentioned plans to sell a flamethrower in December, and repeatedly plugged the idea on social media.

The Boring Company insisted the flamethrower is safe.

Elon Musk’s “Not a Flamethrower” flamethrower.

Need something with a little more Oompf than Musk’s squirty version of holding a lighter up to a can of Lysol?

Fret not. There’s the Throwflame company of Cleveland, Ohio, where you can buy honest-to-God flamethrowers, complete with a sack o’ napalm mix.

On the company’s official website, the veteran owned and operate company cites common sense reasons to sell their product to the American people;

Our flamethrowers are designed from the ground up to tackle a job of any size.

  • Prescribed agricultural burns
  • Ground clearing
  • Snow and ice removal
  • Incinerating weeds and pesky insect hives
  • Pyrotechnic events and movie props
  • Firefighting and training
  • Grassland management

Other than practical applications for farmers, ranchers, firefighter training, etc., Throwflame’s prodect has been used in such Hollywood productions such as “The Darkest Minds”, “The First Purge”, and the 2017 version of “The Punisher”.

Want more awesome everything-flamethrower news? Throwflame’s XL18 slings fire at a distance of 110ft+.

If your fire slinging needs aren’t quite as great, there’s always the XL15 (50ft).

Sadly, neither the XL18 nor the XL15 feature a bayonet lug, picatinny rail or not.

But if lugging around a 45 pound backpack of flaming kick ass is asking too much, there’s always the TF-19 Wasp for all your flamethrowing remote controlled drone needs.

And just in case you were curious, while diesel fuel works best, it IS napalm compatible. That’s always a plus.

Interestingly enough, Throwflame also notes that flamethrowers are perfectly legal to own;

In the USA Flamethrowers are federally unregulated and not even considered a firearm (ironic) by the BATF. No need for any NFA tax stamps, weapons licensing or even an FFL dealer. It’s the purchaser’s responsibility to ascertain that ownership and or use does not violate any state or local laws or regulations. Check out our FAQ page for information on international deliveries.