Your Tax Dollars at Work: Penn State Study, Hetero Men Fear ‘Being Called Gay’ if They Recycle

Meet-up outside a public toilet.

Is dropping a third of a million dollars of hard worked-for American taxpayer money really worth finding out if heterosexual men are afraid of recycling for fear of being called gay?

According to the federal government’s National Science Foundation (NSF), yes it is.

Reported by the news portal, the NSF authorized a whopping $300,194.00 for Penn State’s Psychology Professor Janet K. Swim to find the answer to a question that no one is asking.

Flamboyant recycler, donning his gay apparel. Fa-la-la, fa-la-la, la-la-la.

As penned by Breitbart’s reporter Tom Ciccotta;

An unusual new study from Penn State suggests that straight men avoid recycling due to fear that they may have their heterosexuality questioned by their peers.

A new study by Penn State Psychology Professor Janet K. Swim suggests that American men often avoid engaging in environmentalist acts out of a fear that their peers might assume they are gay.

Swim argues that men are aware that there are “gender-related consequences” for engaging in acts that protect the environment. “There may be subtle, gender-related consequences when we engage in various pro-environmental behaviors,” Swim said a Penn State press release.

In one part of the study, participants were read descriptions of a fictional person’s daily activities. Swim says that participants rated the fictional people that engaged in pro-environmental behaviors as “feminine.” “Reflecting the tendency to see environmentalism as feminine, all the people were rated as more feminine than masculine regardless of the behaviors they did,” Swim explained.

With the official title of the study “Gender Bending and Gender Conformity: The Social Consequences of Engaging in Feminine and Masculine Pro-Environmental Behaviors”, the NSF official website gives the break-down of the federal grant to Prof. Swim and PSU.

Not quite done yet, reporter Ciccotta also hints that Swim just may not have been all that objective in drawing her conclusions;

Swim’s study was published in an academic journal called Sex Roles, which claims to examine sex and gender issues from a “feminist perspective.”

Perhaps a contributing factor to the mindset that recycling is a homosexual tendency, “Recycling is Gay”.