Another Case of Arkancide? Reporter of ‘Tarmac Meeting’ Between Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch Found Dead

“My family received significant death threats…” – Chris Sign.

The list of people in Bill and Hillary Clinton’s orbit that have either “committed suicide” or died under mysterious circumstances is wide, varied, and in the opinion of more than a few people, worthy of further criminal investigations.

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Arizona State Senator Warns Biden’s AG, ‘Touch Arizona Ballots or Machines’ he will ‘Spend Time in an Arizona Prison’

Never mind the estimated 250,000 illegal aliens that have poured into this nation since Jan. 20th; pay no attention to the 21st century sexual-slavery trade taking place place with Joe Chi Minh’s approval; and please look the other way while our children must attend eight-hours of government indoctrination five days a week.

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Chairman Joint Chiefs Claims Climate Change is ‘Serious Threat’ to US: So What? Little Known FACTS Regarding JCS

These guys are in-charge of two things, “Jack” and “Shit”… and Jack just left town.

I’ve posted about this before, and much like a stalker ex-girlfriend, this gigantic pain in the ass keeps showing up. Sadly, the Joint Chiefs of Staff are again all in the headlines. Continue reading

Disturbing Video of Jill and Chou: ‘Joe, Pay Attention’, Even Stranger Interview Regarding Dead Wife

Who’s the boss?

And why is it that his “stuttering” only manifested itself when he adopted the Grampa Joe persona?

While speaking to a group of American Air Force pukes at the US/UK base of RAF Mildenhall, tucked-away in a sparsely populated corner of Suffolk County, England, Jill Biden very well may have revealed more than she meant to. Continue reading

(VIDEO) Fauci Flips-Out: God Complex Showing, ‘Attacks On Me Are Attacks On Science’

When it comes to Dr. Anthony Stephen Fauci, there are only two things that I’m absolutely, 100 percent certain of;

  1. He’s proof that a minor bureaucrat can cost a nation not only hundreds of thousands of lives, but trillions of dollars as well.
  2. Forget about a simple Messiah Complex, Fauci has a full-blown God Complex.
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Yes, He Went There: Hunter Biden’s N-Bomb Tirade, ‘True Dat N**ga’

Hunter “Meth-Mouth” Biden.

Hunter Biden may be chronologically in his 50s, but it’s arguable that his level of emotional maturity is stuck somewhere in the pre-teens. Continue reading

America Never Fought a Revolution nor a Civil War, and Why You Should Never Call For the Calvary

Chris takes a tumble, but we know what a great man he really was.

Points one and two, we can disagree.  But not on point three.

If you think revisionist history is something new, guess again. America has wrongly taught history for hundreds of years. Continue reading