Political Myths that Too Many Americans Think are Facts

Way too many Americans seem to think that the United Nations has any real power. They don’t.

The real pisser is that the Lefty media usually pushes these narratives for all they’re worth.

  • International law. Much like the UN, unless said “international law” has been presented by the US President to the US Senate in the form of a treaty, and if approved, then it becomes US law… just like the US Constitution says. If none of that happens, “international law” isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on.
  • Succession for the presidency. As noted by USA.gov, thank God someone finally got it right. The myths surrounding this are actually three-fold;
  • The Speaker of the House is NOT third in line for the presidency. The Speaker is second in line, while the VEEP is first in line. After all, the president doesn’t stand in line for his own job.
  • The Senate Majority Leader isn’t even on the list. The only member of the US Senate mentioned in the COTUS (Constitution of the United States) and the Presidential Succession Act of 1947 would be the President Pro Tempore. This individual is third in line. Specifically, is the senior senator from the majority party. I believe that would be Sen. Pat Leahy (D) of Vermont. As of this moment, he’s 83.
  • The POTUS selects/appoints Justices to the SCOTUS. No… he doesn’t. The POTUS nominates individuals, then the US Senate either confirms or denies by vote.
  • Last one, the Ambassador to the UN is NOT in the line of presidential succession. Any given president may consult w/ the UN Ambassador, but then again, the president can also consult with the janitor who mops-up vomit after State Dinners. In the grand scheme of life, the puke swabber is more important than the UN Ambassador.

    Richard/Rachel Levin, USPHS. Notice the cap emblem is different from that of the USN and USCG. Also, the prominent Adam’s Apple, man hands and bulge in the crotchitiodal area.
  • The Surgeon General is NOT a US Navy admiral. Other than the five branches of the US Armed forces and the US Coast Guard, both the US Public Health Service and NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) wear a naval-style uniform. That doesn’t mean they’re in the navy.
  • The US dollar is NOT backed by gold, silver, platinum, unicorn farts, positive vibes, double rainbows, etc. What gives our dollar any real worth is actually two things. Keep in mind that if we lose one or both, the dollar will drop faster than a homosexual off a rooftop in Gaza City:
  • (Peaceful option) The economic powerhouse that is the US economy.
  • (Military option) The ability to park a US Navy carrier strike force along with a battalion of US Marines who can’t wait to kill people and break things, right off your coast.
  • The JCS (Joint Chiefs of Staff) command ZERO combat troops in the field. Their “command” is that of advisors to (initially) the Sec Def and (ultimately) the Commander-in-Chief. In the meantime, all the JCS do is sign off on various administrative orders (clothing regs, grooming regs, etc.) and going to cocktail parties to kiss the various asses of the lobbyists of defense contractors. The individuals who are actually calling the shots in any region would be the commanders of the many Combatant Commands.

There are a couple of words and phrases that some folks get wrong. Just to keep all my fellow conservatives from looking ignorant, here’s the mistake, then the correction;

“The calvary’s on the way!” No. Calvary is where Jesus was crucified, the cavalry are the guys on horses and swinging swords.

“Commander-and-Chief.” The prez is the Commander-IN-Chief.

When arguing a point of law, some fold demand, “Show me the statue!” Statues have very little to do with law, but statutes do.

Marshal Law. It’s martial law. Like in martial arts, court martial, martial music (John Phillip Sousa, GySgt Hartman).

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