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It Was Just a White Guy: Gutless Portland PD Signals Communist Domestic Terrorists that the Right Color Person was Shot and Killed

One Bullet Barney; braver than the Portland Chief of Police Chuck Lovell.

Portland police officer attacked, injured…

Needless to say, we’ve all seen some truly cowardly moments from the head honchos for both the Portland city government and specifically the Portland Police Department. Continue reading

Everything Old is New Again: Why Britain Outlawed Guns, the Same is Happening in the USA

The shape of things to come for the United States? British tanks on the streets of Liverpool.

As just about everyone already knows, Great Britain has some of the toughest, strictest gun control laws on the entire planet. But it wasn’t always that way.

So what exactly was the catalyst for one of the great Western democracies to criminalize self-defense?

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(VIDEO) The National Security Threat That Doesn’t Exist: Biden’s Bogeyman of ‘White Supremacy’

Fake tough guy.

Popular culture tells us that the Nazi Minister of Propaganda Josef Goebbels is the one credited with coining the phrase, “If you tell the Big Lie long enough and loud enough, people will eventually believe it to be the truth.” Or at least words to the effect.

With that said, according to Chou Bia-Dung, ‘The most lethal threat to the homeland… are white supremacists.” Continue reading

Rank Hypocrisy: NAACP, CBC, Liberal Media STILL Silent on Dem Senator’s Membership in All-White Beach Club

Uh-doi. Rhode Island’s Sheldon Whitehouse.

“Jewish, yes. Blacks, not really.”

I realize that this may come as a shock to you, but the rather lispy junior senator from The Plantation State has been a member of an all-white Newport beach club since 2017. Continue reading

(VIDE) The Exact Reasons WHY the VA Never Authorized Sex-Change Operations Until Now

One of the very few policies of President Trump’s that I disagreed with was his allowing homosexuals to openly serve in the armed forces. Suffice it to say that I believed his allowing such interfered with good conduct and discipline within the ranks. Continue reading

Juneteenth: No ‘Emancipation Day’, Instead, the Lefticrats Title New Federal Holiday as ‘National Independence Day’

Separate, but equal. Didn’t we try that once before?

Remember, no 4th of July. no Juneteenth… 

I’ll be honest. I’d never even heard of Juneteenth until a couple of years back. I eventually started to notice quite a few black bikers who would roll through town to rally every June 19th down in nearby Myrtle Beach. Of course, the rally was to commemorate the announcement of the end to chattel slavery.

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(VIDEO) Enough is Enough: Buckhead Area of the City of Atlanta Seeks a Political ‘Divorce’

Buckhead skyline.


I guess it was just a matter of time. Not the first, and certainly not the last, a section of a major metropolitan city is seeking to break-away from the same to establish a city of their own.

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