America Never Fought a Revolution nor a Civil War, and Why You Should Never Call For the Calvary

Chris takes a tumble, but we know what a great man he really was.

Points one and two, we can disagree.  But not on point three.

If you think revisionist history is something new, guess again. America has wrongly taught history for hundreds of years.

Let’s begin at the beginning. We never fought a revolutionary war against Great Britain. The Russians fought a revolutionary war, so did the French. America? Not so much.

Here’s the kicker; America fought a war of independence, not a revolution.

A true revolution is when a faction not in power seeks to replace the faction that is in power. In 1776, the American Colonies never aspired to overthrow George III, or to invade Britain, occupy London, Manchester, Birmingham, etc., etc., blah, blah, blah.

All we wanted was a clean break with Britain and the Crown, which we did. Hence, the American War of Independence.

Speaking of wars of independence, that’s what the CSA (Confederate States of America) fought against the Federalists. America has never fought a true civil war. Japan did, so did the Irish. But a civil war on American soil? Not so much.

For a real, no shit, by the book, proper civil war, two legitimate factions seek to completely destroy the other for overall power.

The Confederates never sought to completely conquer the Union. Like I said, the Monarchist faction vs. the Shogunate faction in Japan, or the Parliamentarians (Free Staters) vs. the Republicans (IRA) in Ireland, they fought legit civil wars.

There simply was no civil war ever fought in America. What some call “The War Between the States” (which it was), or the more technically correct term would be the War of Southern Independence.

Now we come to the last point… and this is the one that drives me crazy. This has absolutely nothing to do with technically correct historical definitions. This has to do with basic literacy and command of the English language.

If you’re one of those people who habitually says any of the following, please stop;

  • “At the last second, the calvary saved the day.”
  • “The calvary is on the way!”
  • “Wait for the calvary.”

I’ll say this as politely as possible; Calvary is where Jesus Christ was crucified. The cavalry are those guys on horseback with the pointy swords.

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