It Was Just a White Guy: Gutless Portland PD Signals Communist Domestic Terrorists that the Right Color Person was Shot and Killed

One Bullet Barney; braver than the Portland Chief of Police Chuck Lovell.
Portland police officer attacked, injured…

Needless to say, we’ve all seen some truly cowardly moments from the head honchos for both the Portland city government and specifically the Portland Police Department.

However, the latest bit of the tuck-tail mentality is that Stumptown’s Chief of Police sent a none-too subtle message to Antifa, and undoubtedly their literal cowardly comrades at BLM that the unfortunate individual shot and killed by the PD was indeed a white guy and not a black guy, as Antifa was already prepping to riot over.

Portland police chief Chock Lovell.

As reported by Lee Brown of the New York Post (emphasis mine);

Antifa militants attacked police in Portland, Oregon, after news broke of a deadly police shooting — forcing the department to quickly announce that it was a “white male” to prevent riots, according to police and reports.

At least 50 protesters, most dressed all in black and carrying anti-fascist signs, gathered at a Motel 6 late Thursday where police shot a suicidal man who charged at them with a screwdriver, The Oregonian said.

The mob “began yelling, throwing items at officers, and attempting to interfere with the investigation,” Portland Police Bureau said in a release, with videos showing many chanting the anti-police phrase “F–k 12.”

“One officer’s baton was grabbed and she was being pulled toward the crowd” and “someone from the crowd pepper-sprayed an officer,” the force said.

Sources and witnesses told The Oregonian that he was suicidal and had charged at officers with a screwdriver after they attempted to get him to accept mental health help at a hospital. Ambulance crews were on the scene because of the initial suicide fears, the paper said.

“Our officer encountered a very difficult and dynamic situation that no officer wants to face,” Police Chief Chuck Lovell said at the scene.

It’s comforting that the Portland PD also sent a tweet mentioning the status of the injured officer.

No… wait.

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