Lefticrat Media Silent: Muslim Man in Boston Reportedly Slashes Rabbi at Jewish Day School

Pixilated for your protection.

Father of 12; born in Russia; emigrated to Israel; hacked-up in the United States. Life has certainly been, well… interesting for Rabbi Shlomo Noginsky.

Khaled Awad in custody.

One America News is reporting that a 24-year-old Muslim male by the name of Khaled Awad not only “tried to kidnap” the good rabbi, Awad also slashed and stabbed the Jewish teacher “multiple times.”

So besides Awad facing charges of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, he also stands accused of assaulting a police officer.

While the Boston PD is still stumbling around in the dark trying to distinguish their collective asses from a hole in the ground, rest assured they’re still searching for an “official motive.”

But whoever the Inspector Clouseau is assigned to this case, the BPD is citing the obvious; “the attack may have been a hate crime as there was no effort to steal the victim’s money or cell phone.

It was outside the “Shaloh House” (a combination synagogue and school) in the Boston suburb of Brighton where Awat initiated contact with Rabbi Noginsky.

Also cited by OAN (emphasis mine);

When the victim tried to run, the suspect stabbed him multiple times in the arm. Noginski was rushed to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries and safely sent home later that evening.

The incident occurred outside of the Shaloh House, which was placed on lockdown once staff became aware of the attack. Staff members and children were inside the facility attending a summer camp program. Although there was no immediate danger to the group of individuals inside the building, many members of the community have expressed fear over the recent increase in local anti-Semitic threats and violence.

Interestingly enough, the Daily Caller is reporting that when the suspect was apprehended, not only did he have a knife on him, Awad was also in possession of a firearm.

So I will ask the obvious question; if Awad had a gun, then why did he physically attack the rabbi with only an edged weapon?

Just a guess on my part, but possibly the answer lies in the words of the Koran 47:4.

But like I said, that’s just a guess on my part.

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