(VIDEO) Multi-Multi-Millionaire Spike Lee Complains to the French, Black People Still ‘Hunted Down Like Animals’

Interesting jacket. From the collection of O’Hara and Burnett.

Poor Sheldon “Spike” Lee. My heart really does go out to this poor guy. After all, not a day goes by that he isn’t hunted down in his own country simply because he’s black. At least that’s what he told the international press at the Cannes Film Festival in France.

Referencing the character Radio Raheem from his 1989 film “Do The Right Thing”, Lee mumbled to the press of “King” George Floyd being “lynched” and how black people are “hunted down like animals” in the United States.

As reported by Jessica Chasmar of the Washington Times, Lee eruditely stated (emphasis mine);

“A couple weeks ago was the 32nd anniversary of the film,” he continued. “I wrote it in 1988. When you see brother Eric Garner, when you see King George Floyd murdered, lynched, I think of Radio Raheem. And you would think and hope that 30-something motherf—-ing years later, that black people would stop being hunted down like animals. So, I’m glad to be here, though.”

In the meantime, various websites that specialize in citing the net worth of those in showbiz (such as CelebretyNetWorth.com, Glusea.com, WealthyPersons.com, JobAndEdu.com, all note that Lee’s net worth at $50 million.

Not bad for a guy always hunted down, huh?

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