Bombshell News: Pres. Trump Releases PROOF that AG Barr ORDERED Cover-Up into 2020 Election Crimes in Pennsylvania

With news like this hitting the public, the Lefticrats must undeniably be filling their trousers with that special tapioca they usually retain only between their ears.

As it turns out, the former US Attorney for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania (think Philadelphia), William M. McSwain gave a rather sensitive letter he received from from the ex-US Attorney General Bill Barr directly to President Trump.

As it turns out, President Trump did make mentioned at the CPAC event in Dallas this past weekend that he had proof of high level corruption within the federal government.

Former US Marine infantry officer, US Atty for the Eastern District of PA, William M. McSwain.

The former US Attorney in Eastern Pennsylvania sent the President a letter recently where he claimed that ex-AG Bill Barr ORDERED him NOT to investigate the crimes that took place in the 2020 Election in that state, especially in the greater Philadelphia areas.

President Trump just made that letter public knowledge.

As seen in the documents below, McSwain was ordered by Barr to make no public statements regarding voter fraud (IE: “Election irregularities”).

Also ordered by Barr was that any and all “serious allegations” McSwain may have knowledge of, he was to give them to the Pennsylvania Attorney General… the same partisan state AG who had previously stated that Trump “could not win.”

Letter to President Trump by Jim Hoft

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