More Stunning News: Fulton County, GA 2020 Audit ‘Hand Recount was Wrong by 60%’

Lefticrat media totally ignoring this…

Just a few short weeks ago, the Establishment Media was figuratively jumping for joy when Georgia Superior Court Judge Brian Amero dismissed seven out of nine claims by Garland Favorito and his grassroots organization, Voter GA.

Favorito sought to inspect all 147,000 absentee ballots cast Fulton County’s 2020 presidential election. However, Judge Amero ruled that Favorito had no right due “on the basis of Georgia’s sovereign immunity laws” as reported by the rabidly leftist Washington Post.

However, Hizzoner did NOT dismiss two counts that sought the right of Favorito and Voter GA to view digital images of the mail-in ballots via Georgia’s open records law.

Also cited by the DNC’s Ministry of Truth Washington Post in a definitively anti-Trump piece of propaganda published on of June 25, 2021 (emphasis mine);

Fulton County election officials and local representatives have repeatedly asserted that there has been no evidence of widespread fraud in the 2020 election, a claim perpetuated by former president Donald Trump, who has continued to baselessly allege that the election was stolen from him. President Biden won Georgia by fewer than 12,000 votes, the first time the state had gone for a Democrat since 1992.

[Judge] Amero last month had ordered Fulton County to allow Favorito’s group to inspect all 147,000 mail-in ballots, the latest instance of a local government being forced to undergo a third-party inspection of its election practices amid baseless claims by Trump and others in the GOP.

Possibly working quicker than anyone thought possible, Favorito held a press conference to make public his findings.

One of the few national news organizations that did report of Favorito’s presser was the San Diego-based One America News Network. As reported (emphasis mine);

A new report revealed thousands of fraudulent votes were potentially cast in 2020 elections in Georgia. Election integrity group VoterGa examined ballot scans from Fulton County and found previous vote recounts had a 60 percent error.

At least 4,200 illicit votes were counted toward the final tally, including 3,400 Biden votes and 865 Trump votes. The report also found at least seven recount tallies contained fabricated vote totals.

This includes a batch with 554 votes for Biden and 140 for President Trump that were counted as 850 Biden votes and zero Trump votes.

Why did someone write in 100-to-nothing, 150-to-nothing and put that in, that was entered into the system and was reported as the official results of the audit?” Favorito questioned. “Who these people were, we don’t know. Some were election officials, some were librarians, others were Happy Face personnel.”

The report also found chain of custody documents for thousands of drop box ballots are still missing. Garland Favorito of VoteGA is now advancing a lawsuit to invalidate the fraudulent Georgia results.

For his part, President Trump responded with the below statement;

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