Coming as a Shock to No One, the Truth About ‘The View’

Blue Ribbons for everyone.

I’m more than sure that most of my fellow conservatives consider the Establishment Media to be little more than the Ministry of Propaganda for the Democrat Party.

I’m also more than sure that most of my fellow conservatives are physically sickened by the sight of and/or hearing the screeching voices of Rosie O’Donnell, Whoopi Goldberg, and Joy Behar.

But what may come as somewhat of a surprise to many of my fellow conservatives, The View obviously isn’t one of the sports departments at the American Broadcasting Company, unless you consider pig judging a sport.

Nor does The View fall within the entertainment divisions of ABC. No, nothing as common sense as that.

What may come at least as somewhat of a shock… The View is actually a part of the ABC News division.

Remember that the next time a liberal claims there’s no such thing as leftie media bias.

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