Murdered Chicago Cop Ella French: Mayor Lightfoot, Top Cop Get Her Name WRONG; #2 Cop, ‘We Don’t Have 20 Mins For This Sh*t’

Killed in the line of duty… disrespected in death.

Anyone who would have the audacity to tell me that at least three of the top law enforcement officials in the city of Chicago actually care about murdered Officer Ella French, I’d have to tell the individual in question to kindly go to Hell.

Gunned-down recently during a routine traffic stop, Ofc. French was killed by a gunshot to the head, and her partner was reportedly seriously wounded by multiple gunshots (name of the wounded officer has not been released to the general pubic as of yet).

But as seen in the video below, London’s the Daily Mail is reporting of a city hall press conference where mayor Lori Lightfoot couldn’t get the slain officer’s name right.

Earlier, Chicago’s top cop got Ofc. French’s name wrong TWICE, instead mixing-up her name with that of a Jazz singer.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot, Police Dept. Supt. David Brown, First Deputy Police Supt. Eric Carter.

To top it all off, the second-in-command of the CPD nixed a last-minute bagpipe tribute to Ofc. French as the ambulance transporting her remains to the coroner’s office, stating “We don’t have 20 minutes for this shit.”

As reported by the Daily Mail (emphasis mine);

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot and the city’s top cop have both mispronounced slain officer Ella French’s name, in a series of blunders as they clash with front line officers over the deadly shooting.

Lightfoot called her ‘Ella Franks’ Thursday night, and Chicago Police Department Superintendent David Brown called her ‘Ella Fitzgerald’ twice earlier this week.

That’s on top of denying French an honor guard bagpipe procession from the hospital to the morgue, a customary and symbolic act of respect for an officer killed in the line of duty.  

After French was pronounced dead at the hospital on Saturday night, French’s body was transported by ambulance to the medical examiner’s office, and fellow officers were prepared to line the streets and play the bagpipes.  

But First Deputy Police Supt. Eric Carter banned it.

He told the EMTs driving the ambulance to carry on straight to the medical examiner’s office for the autopsy to be carried out, saying: ‘We don’t have 20 minutes for this shit.’ 

That same night, Lightfoot – who previously supported calls to defund the city’s police – showed up at the hospital to offer her support to the families of French and her wounded partner.

Chicago cops turn their backs to Lightfoot.

Cops who were still there turned their backs on her when she arrived and there were reports that the mayor forced her way into the facility. 

On Wednesday, Lightfoot held a press conference to deny that claim and to also accuse the cops who wanted to perform the honor guard of ‘hijacking’ the night and depriving French’s family of a crucial window of time to see her body before the autopsy was carried out.

She also railed against the journalists present, accusing them of asking her ‘offensive’ questions about forcing her way into the hospital and accusing them of “mining from the bottom of the chum barrel.”

[Lightfoot also accused the press of] “producing ‘sickening’ reports that criticized her.” 

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