Afghan Blast-Back: House, Senate Dems ALREADY Plan Hearings on Biden’s Afghan Disaster

Now I know what Julius Caesar may have felt like. Only thing missing is the sanguine-filled last-gasp words of “Et tu, Nancy?”

While I’m delving into history, let’s talk a little bit of science. As the old-saying goes, “Nature abhors a vacuum.”

You can bet your bottom dollar that politics also abhors a vacuum. Not a damn thing happens in The Swamp (especially in the Lefticrat side of the pool) without someone trying to add to their own power.

With that said, we may very well be witnessing the political demise of Joe Chi Minh. The amusing part is this… it’s at the hands of his own fellow Democrats.

As reported by Dave Boyer of the Washington Times (emphasis mine);

House and Senate Democrats said Tuesday they will hold hearings on the Biden administration‘s mishandling of the government collapse in Afghanistan, a rare inquiry of the president’s actions by his own party.

Yes, that really is Psaki wearing a hammer & sickle adorned ushanka.

Rep. Gregory W. Meeks, New York Democrat and House Foreign Affairs Committee chairman, said he has asked Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin to testify at a hearing “as early as possible.”

“The situation in Afghanistan is rapidly changing and it is imperative that the administration provide the American people and Congress transparency about its Afghanistan strategy,” Mr. Meeks said in a statement.

He said he wants Mr. Blinken and Mr. Austin to describe “what the administration’s plan is to safely evacuate American citizens, [applicants for special immigrant visas], and other vulnerable Afghans from the country, and to understand our broader counter terrorism strategy in South Asia following the collapse of the Ghani government.”

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