(VIDEO) Peaceful Taliban Opens Fire on Crowd who Dared Wave Afghani Flag

Forget all the bullshit you’ve heard about in regards to the Taliban allowing women to stay in professional jobs and how they will still allow little girls to go to school.

If you don’t believe me that the liberal media isn’t painting quite the rosy portrait of an unleashed Taliban, just read a few of the reports coming from the likes of the Associated Press via NBC-TV of Houston; USA TODAY via MSN news; the Reuters news service via Yahoo News.

With that aside, I ask you to consider this, in the north-eastern Afghan city of Jalalabad, ex-BBC reporter Wajahat Kazmi has captured on video, images of the Taliban opening fire on an unarmed crowd.

Their crime? They had the audacity to unfold the national flag of Afghanistan instead of the banner of the Taliban.

Furthermore, News.com of Australia is reporting;

Three people were reportedly killed and more than a dozen injured after Taliban militants opened fire during protests against the group in the Afghan city of Jalalabad.

Reports by Reuters and Al Jazeera suggest the shooting followed an attempt by local residents to install Afghanistan’s national flag at a square in Jalalabad.

For flying a flag? Imagine the rage when the Taliban sees little girls learning how to read and write.

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