(VIDEO) What PLANET is This Idiot Living On? Biden Claims ‘History is Going to Record This Was the Logical, Rational and Right Decision to Make’

Help! I’m talking and I can’t shut-up!Honest to God… what planet is Joe Biden living on? Every American with just a pinch of honesty and personal integrity already realizes that his claims simply don’t jive with reality.

In a televised speech to the American people (video below), Biden had the audacity to claim;

“I think history is going to record this was the logical, rational and right decision to make.”

Never mind the tens of thousands of Americans trapped in Taliban territory.

Never mind the tens of thousands of Afghans who helped us in bringing their nation into the 21st century.

Never mind the tens of billions of dollars of arms and technology Biden made sure the Taliban for their filthy hands on.

Never mind the millions of Afghan women and girls who will live the rest of their lives in completely hellish conditions.

I forgot one… sexual mutilation.

One other thing, Biden whines of America being “bogged down” in Afghanistan.¬†Folks, just because Biden said it, that doesn’t make it true

I just ask you to keep three things in mind in regards to being “bogged down”;

  • Two thousand and five hundred troops (to include admin clerks, supply clerks, mechanics, etc.) is roughly 0.1 percent of US military troop strength.
  • As I posted previously, the last American killed in action with the Taliban was well over 19 months ago.
  • Trump had a plan, to include power sharing. As soon as the Taliban knew that the American media declared Biden the winner of the election, they walked away from the negotiation table in Doha.

Does that sound as if we’re anywhere close to “bogged down”?

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