(VIDEO) Fox News Hostess SLAMS Biden… Not Joe, but JILL Biden


Nothing quite as hot as a 70-year-old in a leather miniskirt and fishnet stockings, huh?

Rachel Campos-Duffy.

Well, I’m sure that at least some people consider a supposed “strong woman” actually is pulling the strings of power behind the scenes as somehow “sexy” (I’m sure that HRC, Rosy O’Donnell and Joy Behar consider “Dr” Jill sexy as hell).

Even though I’ve personally pulled the plug on Fox News, I couldn’t help but notice FNC weekend hostess, spouse to long serving former-Congressman Sean Duffy, and mother of eight, Mrs. Rachel Campos Duffy took to the curvy couch on the morning show “Fox & Friends” to absolutely DEVISTATE Second Lady Jill Biden;

The Duffy Family.

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