It’s True: Sen. Joe Biden Fought to Keep South Vietnamese Refugees OUT of the United States

Rockin’ the Skullett.

There’s a meme floating around the ‘net that’s claiming it was a certain US Senator that fought tooth and nail against then-President Gerald Ford to keep our South Vietnamese allies either under threat of death by the Communists of the North Vietnamese Army or the Viet Cong; or face death on a rickety boat on the South China Sea.

In a rather shocking recounting by reporter Victor Morton of the Washington Times in an article from July 4th of 2019, Morton notes, “Mr. Biden tried to deny refuge to hundreds of thousands fleeing the imminent North Vietnamese victory and likely Communist persecution.”

Keep in mind that as a demographic, ex-South Vietnamese (Republic of Vietnam) refugees now in the United States share quite a bit with their fellow Ame4ricans of Cuban lineage who fled the Communist island-prison back in the 1950s and 1960s.

Trump supporter with USA and RVN colors.

Namely, that they are some of the most conservative, patriotic people you’d ever had the pleasure of meeting.

According to the above cited report (emphasis mine);

Democratic presidential front-runner Joseph R. Biden, who has denounced President Trump’s efforts against Central American asylum-seekers, vigorously opposed resettling as refugees South Vietnamese who had helped the U.S. during the war.

The Washington Examiner reported Thursday, citing records from the administration of President Gerald R. Ford, that as a U.S. senator, Mr. Biden tried to deny refuge to hundreds of thousands fleeing the imminent North Vietnamese victory and likely Communist persecution.

Mr. Biden’s arguments about refugees reverse what he and other Democrats now insist are the only moral stances, saying that the U.S. had “no obligation, moral or otherwise, to evacuate foreign nationals,” the Examiner reported.

In an April 1975 meeting at the White House with Ford and several of his top foreign-policy officials including Henry Kissinger, Mr. Biden said he would not vote to fund evacuation of non-Americans. “The United States has no obligation to evacuate one — or 100,001 — South Vietnamese,” Mr. Biden said then.

Pardon if I deviate from the topic at hand… but does anyone happen to remember Jorge Santayana?

Coming as a shock to no one, American Academia completely ignores the Huế Massacre of 1968.

During the brief amount of time that the VC controlled the city of Huế during the Tết Offensive an estimated 6,000 men, women, children (to include infants) were slaughtered by the Communists.

The Viet Cong specifically targeted Vietnamese Catholic priests and nuns, as well as civil servants and school teachers along with their families.

After a heavily outnumbered handful of US Marines (initially, a mere two battalions) actually crushed a numerically superior VC division during the Battle of Huế, it was discovered that the Communists had actually executed a number of their victims by burying them alive.

I have a bad feeling we’re going to be hearing and seeing a lot of the same coming out of Afghanistan.

Thanks a lot, Joe.

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