(VIDEO) The Smirk Seen ‘Round the World

Between Joe Biden’s smirks and Kamala Harris’ nervous laughter, I’m not sure which one I find more despicable, heartless, and callous.

At an Aug. 25 White House meeting on cyber-security, the NBC News Chief White House Correspondent Peter Alexander (that’s right… NBC actually asked a Lefticrat a tough question) blurt out to the Clueless-in-Chief, “What will you do if Americans are still there after the deadline?”

Even though Biden’s controllers cut the mic right after his “I could give a shit less” look, Alexander himself tweeted Biden’s response;

“You’ll be the first person I’ll call.”

Honestly, could this jackass be more obtuse and pitiless to any of the following?

  • Our troops on the ground
  • Stranded American citizens
  • Friendly Afghans who put their lives on the line assisting our forces
  • The millions of Afghans he just sentenced to a life of 8th century barbarity

Short of Biden telling Alexander, “F*ck them”, I personally believe this cold-hearted bastard could care less.

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