(VIDEO) Never a Problem Cancelling All the Others: Biden Blames ‘Trump Agreement’ for Afghanistan Disaster

President Trump’s withdrawal date was May 1, not Xiden’s arbitrary Aug 31…

As seen in the video below, Slow Joe had no problem blaming President Trump’s Doha-based peace talks with the Taliban in response to his own disastrous Afghanistan tuck-tail-and-run strategy.

As seen in the official State Department copy of the Agreement Trump made with the Taliban, there were benchmarks… if the Taliban does “this”, then America will do “that”. So who the hell arbitrarily chose Aug. 31?

Interestingly enough, the Chinese Resident Chou Bia-Dung hasn’t really had much of a problem hacking to death numerous other plans and agreements that President Trump had with either the American people and/or foreign governments.

Here are just a few of the Trump initiatives Biden has gutted:

  • America’s overall energy independence. Specifically, cancelling the Keystone pipeline.
  • American participation in the Paris Climate accord.
  • American sanctions that kept Russia’s Nord pipeline from being completed.
  • American negotiations with Central America’s Northern Triangle nations regarding illegal immigration.
  • America’s agreement with Mexico for wannabe illegal aliens to “remain in Mexico.”
  • America becoming manufacturing-friendly via Trump’s low-taxation for all.
  • America’s cancellation of being a key player in the Iranian nuclear weapons agreement
  • America’s federal government not interfering with state governors outlawing over-the-top COVID restrictions.

To be honest, those are just a few off the top of my head.

Isn’t it strange that Trump’s Afghanistan planned withdrawal is somehow the only plan Joe Chi Minh kept? **Sarcasm off**

Even then, he managed to totally screw-up the timeline.

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