Report: American Service Dogs ABANDONED in Kabul as Last Plane Departs, DoD Turns Deaf Ear

Just a few short days ago, I felt such helpless rage at the Biden Administration, I was almost shedding tears of anger.

Just a few minutes ago, that same feeling overcame me again.

As reported by conservative-leaning The Gateway Pundit (TGP), it’s being reported that American contracted service dogs have been abandoned at the Kabul airport, reportedly ORDERED to do so by order of the Department of Defense.

With reports thin, one of the below tweets cited American animal humanitarian Charlotte Maxwell-Jones is the one initially rescued the service dogs. Additionally, Stars and Stripes newspaper recently penned an article of her rescue work in Afghanistan.

Two different tweets cite that the animals are AMERICAN MILITARY dogs.

Either way, this abandonment is totally unacceptable.

As noted by TGP reporter Cassandra Fairbanks;

US contract working dogs have been abandoned at the Kabul airport after the last American flight left on Monday.

Joshua Hosler, President of Veteran Sheepdogs of America, is frantically trying to rescue the dogs that have been used and left behind in the Taliban controlled country after the Department of Defense ordered that they be left behind.

Please note the dates of the below tweets. Time isn’t on the side of these abandoned and deserted dogs.

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