Biden WH Orders ALL Federal Websites Yank Lists of US Weapons Abandoned to Taliban Jihadists

Dreaming of applesauce.

Amazing as the headline describes, the Sleepy Joe Administration has ordered that every single federal website scrub any mention of the $85 billion haul the Islamist terrorists snatched-up in the form of US taxpayer-paid-for military equipment.

Seemingly overnight, the Taliban just became one of the most powerful armies on the face of the planet. Thanks, Joe.

But just a quick aside… remember when Biden’s White House spokesthing Jen Psaki promised the American people that both she and Biden would “bring transparency and truth back to government”? Yeah, I remember that crock of shit, too.

Back to the topic at hand; as cited by Forbes magazine reporter Adam Andrzejewski (emphasis mine);

The War in Afghanistan has always been a black box, but the Biden administration just made matters worse.

According to an admission obtained from the State Department, Biden officials recently directed federal agencies to scrub their websites of official reports detailing the $82.9 billion in military equipment and training provided to the Afghan security forces since 2001.

The scrubbed audits and reports included detailed accounting of what the U.S. had provided to Afghan forces, down to the number of night vision devices, hand grenades, Black Hawk helicopters, and armored vehicles.

Reports further quantified 208 aircraft and helicopters; 75,000 war vehicles – including 22 Humvees, 50,000 tactical vehicles and nearly 1,000 mine resistant vehicles; and 600,000 weapons – including 350,000 M4 and M16 rifles, 60,000 machine guns, and 25,000 grenade launchers.

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