SO WHAT? Joe Rogan Uses ‘Horse De-Worm’ Meds: Strange Origins to Modern Medicine

If a true Renaissance man exists today, it’s Joe Rogan.

From stand-up comedian to TV actor to professional MMA fighter to sports announcer to podcaster, the Irish-Italian Rogan possibly has another title he can tag to his résumé; medical pioneer.

Revealing to the world that he has the latest media-driven threat to wipe-out all humanity, Rogan has decided to treat this rather nasty bug with something that veterinarians, ranchers and farmers know well. Specifically, an anti-parasite medicine commonly known as ivermectin.

Of course, Rogan has been taking the human dosage of the drug.

Nonetheless, the Establishment Media has been blasting Rogan as if he were some sort of a cross between a doofus yokel and a snake oil salesman.

Case in point, Yahoo News is running a certain article with the self-censored headline (after all, I don’t want to be branded as a denier by Big Tech);

Joe Rogan says he has XXXXX-XX and is taking horse dewormer to treat it

Insulting and demeaning headline aside, more than a few medicines routinely used to treat various human maladies have quite strange origins;

  • Warfarin may be one of the more popular blood-thinners for people with clotting problems, but it started life as a rat poison.
  • Often used in the treatment of alcohol abuse, Antabuse was initially an de-worming drug.
  • Believe it or not, the main ingredient in the small-pox vaccination is the small-pox virus. Has something to do with a mysterious thing called A-N-T-I-B-O-D-I-E-S that the government nor the media haven’t discovered yet. (Sarcasm, off)
  • Chlorambucil is a life saver for many battling leukemia, but the origins of the drug were found in the World War One weapon of mass destruction, mustard gas.
  • Time for a whiz quiz: Lithium salts have been injected to many suffering from bipolar disease (manic depression). Actually, it’s uric acid that does the trick. Turns out the guy who discovered it initially injected the raw source of the drug… human urine.
  • Aspirin is a wonder drug, a medicine initially discovered by boiling down the bark of willow trees.
  • Possibly the greatest medical breakthrough in the history of man, penicillin was discovered modern-day on the rotting mold substance on unwashed dairy equipment and rotting fruit. It’s been chronicled that knights in the days of yore would sometimes be treated with rotten, moldy bread placed directly one hack and stab wounds of the wounded warriors..

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