(VIDEO) At Least She Had a Mask On: Unknown Bikini Babe Non-Chalantly Strolls Though Airport Terminal

Spirit Airlines may tout themselves as an uber-cheapie, zero-frills airline, but on behalf of all Dudedom, it’s a fair bet that more than a few guys would consider this anonymous blonde shakin’ what her momma gave her worth the price of the flight.

Posted by Spirit Airlines to Instagram under the title of “Humans of Spirit Airlines”, the vid has since gone viral… of course.

According to Yahoo News (Australia edition), this gal was also carrying a Louis Vuitton purse. I assume these things supposedly cost a butt-load.

But rest assured, this gal certainly isn’t frivolous with her money. In a separate Yahoo News article, the TSA (Thousands Standing Around) has recently announced “fines of up to $1,500 could be given to passengers who violate the mask mandate.”

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