(VIDEO) Texas News Flash: Good Guy with a Gun Shoots Bad Guy with a Gun… IN THE FACE

Don’t mess with Texas.

Coming as a shock to absolutely no one, news out of the Lone Star State that a good guy with a gun just plugged some would-be robber with a gun… with one shot… in the face.

Not to be confused with some drunken argument that suddenly turned violent or a case of road rage, this shooting took place at a neighborhood convenience store, and as reported, frequented by children.

As reported by Erica Simon of KTRK-TV of Houston;

A would-be robber was shot in the face after he tried to steal from a man in southeast Houston, according to authorities.

Houston police said a driver dropped off the suspect in the parking lot of the store.

Moments later, the would-be robber approached a customer who was walking towards the store. The suspect then approached the customer, flashed his gun and demanded his belongings, according to police.

Police said the customer, who had his own gun, pulled it out and shot the suspect in the face. The entire incident was caught on surveillance video.

“Children walk to this store. People walk to the store with their kids and everything,” a witness said. “So, that could have been any one of us.”

Police said the customer who fired his weapon is cooperating with investigators, and no charges are expected to be filed.

“The complainant was defending himself. He had a pistol as well. He shot one time, hit him in the face,” HPD Lt. R Willkens said. “He went down and, not long after that, HFD was close by and our units were close by. We got on the scene. HFD transported the individual.”

As for the robbery suspect who was shot, police expect him to survive. He was taken to the hospital in serious but stable condition.

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