(VIDEO) Aussie Newscaster Hilariously Slams Incoherent Joe Biden

In In regards to Rita Panahi, all I can say is I wish she were ours…

To say that Rita Panahi has quite the life experience would be a gross understatement of somewhat Biblical proportions.

Born in Little Rock, Arkansas, to Persian-Muslims parents who soon thereafter moved back to Iran (but had to haul-ass due to the ayatollah being uber-pissed with them), the family was eventually granted refugee status in Australia.

One thing led to another, after leaving Islam, Panahi eventually became one of the big fish in the world of Australian conservative journalism.

Case in point; Panahi took to the air promising to pay anyone capable of deciphering the latest moment of Biden’s incoherent gibberish (seen below).

NOTE: Several of the Youtube comments are outright hilarious;

  • “He quite clearly wants a boxing match with Robert E. Lee in Florida and a rematch in Afghanistan. Send me that cheque.”
  • “He’s saying if Robert E. Lee doesn’t box him, then he ain’t a real black man. Send me my cheque, thank you please.”
  • “Listen, I’m Robert E. Lee, from Afghanistan, and I want pudding instead of apple sauce today.” That’s CLEARLY what he is saying.”

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