$3.5 Trillion Boondoggle: Are You Ready For a Cow Fart Tax?

No matter how you cut it (fart joke intended) if Capitol Hill Lefticrats had their way, we would all be paying a helluva lot more for for milk, cheese, bacon and hamburger.

As noted by the official website for the House Republicans on both the Energy and Commerce committees, the Loony Left has to figure out some way to pay for this $3.5 trillion farce of an infrastructure bill.

According to the House GOP, under the guise of a Natural Gas Tax that’s buried deep in the 2,500 page bill, dairy cows, beef cattle and swine will all cost farmers and ranchers a heavy fee per barnyard buddy (emphasis mine);

  • Got milk? Prices will go up when dairy farmers have to pay an additional $6,504 per dairy cow a year, according to the American Farm Bureau.

  • Love steak? The natural gas tax will cost ranchers $2,607 per head of cattle.

  • How about bacon? That will go up $503 per pig.

Just keep in mind that the farmers and ranchers certainly won’t just absorb this brand spanking new central government mandate all by their lonesomes (nor should they).

We all know the cost will be passed onto the consumers.

That’s you and me.

2 thoughts on “$3.5 Trillion Boondoggle: Are You Ready For a Cow Fart Tax?

  1. I don’t understand what the purpose of such a tax, it would put the small farmer out of business. If you have 10 cows that would be an unbelievable tax in the amount of 25000$. How is that even a possibility.

  2. Populations are controlled with food , just one tool in the One World Orders tool bag . Bill Gates buying large tracts of farmland and now seed companies 0 don’t forget his meatless meat is coming soon . Some garden centers say they cant secure seed . Read the Georgia Guide Stones the agenda is spelled out . Being a cattleman for more than 45 years , i can say a tax of that magnatude is totally unsustainable.

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