Szechuan Smack-Down: Xi Jinping Insults, Refuses Meeting w/ Sleepy Joe

Who’s the boss?

I’d like a #28 with extra go-to-hell sauce…

For the Establishment Media, this might be worthy of paying attention to for a just moment or two. After all, President Wonderful has basically just been told that he’s the junior partner on the world stage.

Chinese President Xi Jinping has made it quite clear to America’s Chinese Resident Chou Bia-Dung that there will be no meeting between the two.

That is, until Joe Chi Minh becomes more submissive towards the Communist Chinese.

As reported by the New York Post (emphasis mine);

Chinese President Xi Jinping snubbed President Biden’s request last week for an in-person summit to smooth over relations that were soured by Chinese human rights abuses and secrecy about the origins of COVID-19, according to a new report.

Biden told Xi on Thursday during a 90-minute call that he wanted to have the meeting to achieve better relations, but Xi “did not take him up on the offer and instead insisted Washington adopt a less strident tone towards Beijing…”

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