(VIDEO) Both Largely Ignored by MSM: Trump Kills 300 Russian Mercenaries in Syria; Biden Kills 10 Innocent People in Kabul

By now everyone is familiar with the news (video below) that the United States launched a drone strike that may have been targeted at ISIS-K jihadists, but ended up killing three Afghan adults and seven Afghan children… all innocent.

In fact, the driver of the vehicle was a humanitarian U.S. aid worker.

Personally speaking, I was at the gym when this story broke. Three TVs in a row, every network (FNC, MSNBC and CNN) was covering the Pentagon news conference.

I made a point of timing how long each network would stay on the story once the presser was done.

Without fail, MSNBC and CNN both changed the topic well within the two-and-a-half minute mark.

Speaking of the Establishment Media ignoring whatever news doesn’t fit their narrative, does anyone remember back in early 2018 when an aggressive US military participated in a VERY lop-sided U.S. victory in Syria, greasing an estimated 300 Russian mercenaries who had advanced on and open fired on American troops?

In case you missed it (or more correctly, it was withheld from you), here’s some of what Alex Lockie reported for the Business Insider (emphasis mine);

Mike Pompeo, the head of President Donald Trump’s CIA and his nominee for secretary of state, just confirmed that the US killed hundreds of Russians in an intense battle in Syria in February.

“In Syria now, a handful of weeks ago, the Russians met their match,” said Pompeo. “A couple hundred Russians were killed.”

Syrian and Russian forces.

The US had previously only confirmed killing 100 or so pro-Syrian regime forces, but multiple outlets reported the number was as high as 300 and that the soldiers were Russian military contractors.

The February battle was reportedly incredibly one-sided, as a massive column of mostly-Russian pro-Syrian regime forces approached an established US position in Syria and fired on the location.

The US responded with a massive wave of airstrikes that crippled the force before it could retreat, and then cleaned up the remaining combatants with strafing runs from Apache helicopters.

Phone calls intercepted by a US-funded news organization allegedly captured Russian military contractors detailing the humiliating defeat. “We got our f— asses beat rough, my men called me … They’re there drinking now … many have gone missing … it’s a total f— up,” one Russian paramilitary chief said, according to Polygraph.info, the US-funded fact-checking website.

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