(VIDEO) Two PAINFULLY SIMPLE Questions for Chairman Biden: When Is *Enough is Enough*, and What Science are You Basing Your COVID Mandate On?

I was told not to answer any questions.

By this point, everyone already knows that Biden has promised not only open borders, but this numbskull has also based his COVID mandate for employers apparently on no science whatsoever.

With that said, I do have a couple of questions that I’d like to see Biden, any like-minded politicians or even any given Biden-supporter answer.

  1. In light that you have yet to give a number of how many illegal aliens into the United States, at what point do you say enough is enough? Will that be at the 20 million mark? Possibly the 50 million mark? Why not 100 million? What say we shoot the works… let in half-a-billion. Hey, why not?
  2. How in the world did Biden come up with the number of 100 employees at any given business MUST receive the COVID vaccination? Is 100 based on the law of averages? Could it be due to numerous and varied studies in the field of epidemiology? Perhaps microbiology or virology or even Joejustmadethisnumberupology? Why stop at 100… why not 500 or 1,000 employees? Better yet, for complete control of the mouth-breathers, just set the number at 1 employee.

Oops. I better not give those idiots any ideas.

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