You Can Almost See the Steam Coming Out of Her Ears: Psaki Visibly Angry Over a Tough Question

Peppermint Patti is not amused…

White House press secretary Jen Psaki is simply beside herself with anger. Quick, someone fetch a fainting couch.

With Slow Joe’s Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, CentCom commander Gen Kenneth McKenzie, and CJCS Gen Mark Milley all testifying before both the Senate and the House that they’ve all made known to Biden that they wanted a certain amount of troops to remain Afghanistan, it’s fairly obvious that the Biden Administration is little better than a quickly sinking ship.

It all started with reporter Terry Moran of ABC News having the bad manners of asking Psaki to specifically cite the name of the military honchos who’d supposedly “told him it’d’ be fine to pull everybody out.”

As noted by Vivek Saxena of;

White House press secretary Jen Psaki was asked by reporters on Tuesday to provide proof to substantiate President Joe Biden’s dubious claim that “some” of his top generals had supported his decision to withdraw all U.S. troops from Afghanistan.

Yes, that really is Psaki wearing a hammer & sickle adorned ushanka.

But she failed to provide a single piece of evidence, and many are now suggesting that the president of the United States is a bold-faced liar.

The grilling occurred hours after all of the president’s top generals testified to Congress that they’d, in fact, opposed the president’s plan.

The grilling began with ABC News’ Terry Moran, who asked Psaki to name the specific military advisors who’d “told him it’d’ be fine to pull everybody out.”

The White House press secretary responded by refusing to “get into specific details” and, instead, defending the president’s decision by arguing that maintaining a presence in Afghanistan wouldn’t have been “sustainable over the long term.”

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