New York: Keeping Dead People Safe From Contracting COVID

It was a dark stormy night. The mad doctor was in his dungeon-like lab, first putting on his apron, then turning on his tape recorder, then grasping a scalpel.

Despite the lettering on the door to his lab identified the crazed scientist as the Medical Examiner of upstate New York’s Rensselaer County, Dr. Michael Sikirica want to perform autopsies WITHOUT HIM TAKING THE COVID VAX!!


As it turns out, it’s fairly obvious that Dr. Sikirica has made both a personal and professional opinion not to take the jab.

Yet in the New York state government’s mind, the mandate applies to everyone. Apparently, even the dead.

As reported by the Associated Press;

An upstate New York county is being forced to send human bodies to a hospital 50 miles away for autopsies because its prominent medical examiner has not been vaccinated against the coronavirus, according to county officials.

Rensselaer County moved autopsies on Friday to Glens Falls Hospital from Albany Medical Center Hospital, which requires everyone who works there to be vaccinated, Richard Crist, the county’s director of operations, told the Times Union.

The county’s medical examiner, Dr. Michael Sikirica, had been performing the county’s autopsies at the Albany hospital. Although Sikirica does not work at that hospital, all doctors who provide services there must be vaccinated, said Matt Markham, a hospital spokesperson., pub-8873440402263711, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

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